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40+ popular php scripts

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Free PHP hosting

With the Chocolate free web hosting plan you get a fully featured free PHP hosting with MySQL support. You can host your PHP-driven website and you get excellent performance, load speed and uptime. You can switch between PHP4 and PHP5 and you get control over the PHP settings both through a user-friendly web interface and with direct access to your free web hosting account’s php.ini file.

Excellent speed and productivity

Thanks to FreeHostia’s innovative cluster-based web hosting platform you get excellent performance and uptime even with the free PHP web hosting plan. Load is distributed between servers and there are separate servers performing specific tasks, such as MySQL, e-mail etc., which guarantes optimal performance and guarantees fast loading speeds.

Free PHP web applications

With the 1-click installer integrated within the web hosting control panel and included in the free web hosting plan you can install over 40 popular PHP web applications with just a few clicks – no need to upload files or perform complicated installation procedures. You simply select the script, which you want to install, point to where you want it installed and enter your admin details. It really takes less than 5 minutes and saves you both work and time.

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