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Ticketing System


Open A New Ticket
The opening of a trouble ticket via our Ticketing System is very easy. A support team member will help you literally in real time and you will receive the requested information or problem resolution within one hour after the ticket itself has been opened at the latest.

Note: Before opening a support ticket, we highly suggest that you carefully scrutinize the Video Tutorials, F.A.Q. and Context Help areas of the very Control Panel section your question or problem is related to.

To become familiar with the way the Ticketing System works, please do the following:

1. Log into the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Our potential clients should log into our Web Hosting Control Panel DEMO.

Our existing web hosting customers can access their personal Control Panel from the website’s member login page or through the URL we’ve given them upon signup.

2. After logging in, go to the Help Center link in the navigation menu and choose Open New Ticket from the drop-down menu with the help options. You will see the ticket opening form. To receive an accurate and prompt reply, we suggest that you fill out all the fields as thoroughly as possible.

View open tickets

3. After completing the form, click on the Submit button to send the ticket to our Customer Support team. You can see the already opened tickets if you click on the View Opened Tickets link in the Help Center menu.

View Opened Tickets
This page lists all the tickets you have opened so far, including detailed information about the subject, status and the average response time for each of them, as well as the date on which they were opened.

View Opened Tickets

You can review the contents of any particular ticket with a single click on its number, Subject, or the More info link.

Open Tickets List

View Closed Tickets
This page lists all the tickets that have been considered resolved by both sides and therefore closed.

View Closed Tickets