* With the Wildhoney and Supernatural plans

** Domain promo prices are valid for the first year(s) of registration only. The regular fee will be charged upon renewal.

Why Register Now

Registering a domain name that corresponds to the contents and purpose of your website is crucial to the success and popularity of your business or personal online presence. Thanks to the intuitive domain manager coming with all our plans you can easily change your WHOIS data, edit different NS records, park and renew domains for many years in advance, as well as add Whois Privacy Protection. Just pick your desired TLD and enjoy.

Free Domain Controls with our Advanced Domain Manager

Our Domain Manager tool allows you to have absolute control over your domain names. It makes managing your domains really simple and easy and includes the following features: Full Whois/DNS Control, Domain Locking, EPP Key, Custom NS Records, Unlimited Parked Domains, etc. It also provides fast access to the contents of your website(s).

Registrar Lock

The Registrar Lock feature can be used to lock a domain name to the current registrar in order to ensure that the domain will not be transferred away without your permission. Please note that this applies to domain names registered through us or transferred to our registrar.

Whois Privacy Protection

With this feature, you can have your private domain information such as name, email, postal address, etc. hidden from the public record. Your email will be replaced with a spam-protected address, which filters out all junk messages and sends you only legitimate communication.

EPP Transfer Protection

EPP transfer protection is the second barrier that will not allow anyone to transfer away your domain without your permission or knowledge. Please note that the EPP transfer protection applies to a certain number of Top Level Domain names (TLDs) that support it.

Whois Management

You can modify the contact information for all of your domains registered with us through the Control Panel. Manage your WHOIS information from the same place as your web hosting services.

Full DNS Management

You can manage the NS records of your domain(s) from the Control Panel. This makes the management of your domain and its contents an easier task, as everything is performed from one single place.

Parked Domains

You can park an unlimited number of registered domains in a single account. A parked domain is a domain that is not associated with any hosting or mailing services - i.e. it does not have a website and email addresses. This is usually done to reserve a domain name for future use or to avoid cybersquatting and phishing attempts.

FTP Accounts

FTP accounts give you access to specific locations/folders in your hosting account. This is very useful if you have a number of people working on various websites and you need to limit their access to your entire data. Any FTP client can be used to connect through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to our hosting servers.

POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts

You can set up multiple email accounts with ease from your account. You will be able to access your mailboxes by using webmail or any desktop software you want. For each mailbox, you can enable spam filters and control the level of anti-virus protection.

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