PHP Scripts

Fast and Easy Site Setup - no special skills needed

Although most of the popular web applications offer easy and intuitive administration, the installation of such applications often requires at least basic knowledge of MySQL, the Apache Web Server, phpMyAdmin, Linux, etc.

The 1-Click Applications Installer is a platform, which entirely solves the problem with the installation of more than 50 web apps, offering a fast, easy, automated installation process. Enter your name, the name of your site, and after a few mouse clicks the application of your choice – Joomla, Wordpress, PrestaShop, OpenCart or any other, will be ready for use.

Simple Management

Beside the fantastic option to install web apps automatically, the 1-Click Applications Installer also allows you to easily administer the installed applications. You are granted automated access to their respective administration panels as well. You can uninstall any of them with a single click.

The 1-Click Applications Installer also offers direct access to the home pages of the respective applications and links to the most popular forums dedicated to each given web app where you can easily share your experience or seek help from the community.

Start Your Site With A Few Clicks

You are only a few easy steps away from having your own website. No matter whether you’d like to create a blog, a gallery, a content management system, a forum, an e-shop or some other kind of website, with the 1-Click Applications Installer you only have to:

1. Choose the name of your site;

2. Choose the application, which matches your demands the most;

3. Choose any of our web hosting plans and sign up;

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