Our Company

Freehostia, a web hosting provider with an extensive background in the industry, strives to meet the demands of many individual and business customers around the globe. We are proud to be involved with our clients every step of the way and extremely happy to make them feel gratified with our in-house built web hosting platform, hosting plans, domain names and our FREE extra services.

Our Priorities

We make every endeavour to serve your web hosting requirements and help you build and sustain a recognizable and successful online presence. Backing you up with our web hosting expertise is a great honour and pleasure for us. Of course, we must continuously strive to keep our services up to date with the latest trends on the fast-paced web hosting market.

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Our web hosting services are based on reliable web servers, configured with the latest hardware available, which ensures maximum performance and minimum server load.

Every server is equipped with the latest Intel Processors, large amounts of RAM and high-speed caching RAID controllers. Our network architecture utilizes the top class Enterprise routing and switching engines from Juniper and Cisco.


We use the latest advanced software out there to make your web site run as smoothly and problem free as possible. Your web site is maintained up to date with the newest software security patches and upgrades, which are rigorously tested and installed shortly after their public release to ensure the best performance possible.

Our web hosting platform is Linux-based, offering a stable working environment with minimum server load. Besides, our servers are equipped with a full range of Linux-compatible software programs for running all the applications that you want to use regardless of the operating system that you use.


Our platform has been implemented through a very productive partnership with LiquidNet Ltd., a UK based web hosting company, specializing in the development of cutting edge solutions for the IT industry.

Our long term collaboration with LiquidNet Ltd. has enabled the creation of a high-powered, trustworthy hosting service that gives you total control over all aspects of your web site.

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